Horizon Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Systems - Distributed in Australia by AMI Sales


For commercial and leisure applications. 79L/Hour (1,896 L/Day)

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LTM500 Product Brochure

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Specs and Models

Specifications and Models

Auto fresh water flush with repeat timer to optimally maintain the system (refer to items in blue on drawing on Dimensions page). Membrane cleaning and preserving cartridges for simple membrane cleaning or preserving without hoses and buckets


  • The LTM 500 offers high quality Parker Village Marine engineered components with straightforward manual operation.
  • Driven by AC motors (from genset power) the modular configuration comes in ready to mount modules for flexible installation options.
  • Integral to every LTM 500 unit is a control manifold which includes a pressure regulation valve, high pressure gauge, product flow meter and manual freshwater diversion valve.

All Features

Standard Features:

  • 220V 50Hz Single Phase (8 amp)
  • Powder coated mounting brackets
  • 5 micron cleanable prefilter
  • Control manifold pressure regulator ensures consistent pressure adjustments and prevents over or under pressurisation of the unit. Adjustable to allow operation in brackish or fresh water
  • High quality 2.5” diameter spiral wound TFC reverse osmosis membrane
  • Magnetic drive boost pump
  • Stainless steel glycerine filled low and high pressure gauges
  • High pressure plunger pump with 316 stainless steel head
  • Manual freshwater flush valve and carbon filter to remove chlorine from flush water.
  • Acrylic flowmeter to monitor fresh water production


LTM-500 Plumbing Diagram
LTM-500 Plumbing Diagram