Horizon Reverse Osmosis Watermaker Systems - Distributed in Australia by AMI Sales

About HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis)

A Parker Hannifin Company

HRO Systems was founded in 1975 and was one of the first individual watermaking systems of it’s kind, when the only means of producing potable water aboard a boat was to either catch rain or use bulky and inefficient heat evaporation systems. HRO was a pioneer in creating the first line of small scale reverse osmosis desalination systems. Since then, the unique styling and distribution system used with HRO Systems has allowed uninhibited growth and development to continue producing highly regarded systems that withstand the test of time.

Quality Policy
Parker Water Purification employees, in a safe and healthy environment, will satisfy the requirements of their customers, suppliers and associates and will deliver on time, defect-free products and services while continuously working to improve their products and processes.

Environmental Policy
Parker continuously improve their environmental performance. Demonstrated by:

  • Promoting sustainable development by preventing pollution and eliminating undesirable impacts on the environment
  • Ensuring their efforts are resulting in continuous and measurable improvements in the environment
  • Ensure that the activities of the Group are planned and performed taking into account the individual employee, the work environment and the surroundings
  • Ensure all HRO Systems production units comply with the ISO 14001 standard, local environmental and work environment legislation